Why I Am Your Candidate

for chief of the osage nation.

I can lead a team that can fix what is broken within our Osage Nation. The Osage Nation Executive Branch is tasked with many duties. The most basic of these duties is to properly execute the laws of the Osage Nation. My observations and the insights shared with me by so many people of the Osage Nation have defined five very distinct areas of improved leadership to move us forward. I intend to address and improve these platforms beginning on day one of my service.

OUR FUTURE as a Native American Nation is tied to having a homeland. Our remaining lands are less than 4 percent what it was in 1906. Restoring our strength as a sovereign nation depends on protecting our territory and reacquiring productive land.  In our own country we can keep our culture alive and grow as a people. From our re-established Osage Reservation we can conduct gaming operations and other economic endeavors to continue funding our health, education, housing, cultural and other needs.